Monday, 17 January 2011

Kids refuse to grow up, believe David Cameron

Look, I know what I'm doing - I'm bigger and better than you
Today a classroom of 9-year-old children addressed by David Cameron on the topic of his NHS reforms pointed out that no, they weren't going to grow up, not for a few years, not even because the Prime Minister wanted them to. Then one child put up his hand and said, "But we still know enough not to believe you sir."

Mr Cameron accused the child of 'playground politics', then went on to explain to the class that the removal of the NHS structure in favour of a pseudomarket mechanism was 'modernisation' and asked 'if not now, when?'

At that point another child put up his hand and said, "When you say 'modernisation' you seem to mean 'fucking it up', so how does 'never' sound to you dickwad?"

Before leaving the school Mr Cameron arranged for both children to have detentions, then took ten minutes out of his busy schedule of media appearances to sell their school to a consortium of businesses interested in 'tailoring education towards the call centre sector'.


  1. I don't think he is trying to fuck it up. I think he is trying to help the richest people pay more, and get more. So by allowing GPs to allocate funds, GPs in the richest areas and with the richest patients can spend the funds in a very different way. Their will also probably be partial subsidies by the patients in these areas. e.g. paying for private rooms in hospitals while getting public funded treatment. Tory polices are generally designed this way. For them "market" is code for "if you pay more you get more" and if you can afford to pay, screw you (as far as possible without inciting a general revolution or losing an election).

    The new "free school" polices, the changes to the council grant system and other polices are all designed to do this. The last Tory government implemented exactly the same strategy (fund-holding GPs, etc)

  2. The reforms are in line with a trend that started with Major and continued under Blair. They aren't really that exciting.

    Anyway this blog is for mindless sneering and class hatred, not actual policy analysis so I apologise for the interruption.