Monday, 13 September 2010

What to think about...a new runway at Heathrow

Artist's impression of tunnel linking new runway to old
This is an educational series of posts called "What to think about..." They are presented in a bullet-pointed style, because management consultants tell us that no subject in the world is too complex to summarise in bullet points and those guys are bright sparks, hell yeah.

  • Airports are big modern things that help us be modern
  • We need to be modern so we can be rich
  • We need to be rich so we can build more airports
  • We are not rich enough right now because rich people can barely get into the country to share their riches with us because we have so few airports
  • If we build it, they will come

And now what not to think (incorrect mental processes to be corrected - be wary of them!):
  • Whoever is going to get richer from it, I bet it won't be me
  • But I still get the noise, the pollution, the dumb tourists and the global warming

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