Wednesday, 29 September 2010

What to think about...bankers

The beautiful product of beautiful minds

This is another in my educational series of posts called "What to think about..." They are presented in a bullet-pointed style, because management consultants tell us that no subject in the world is too complex to summarise in bullet points and I take all my advice from glorified accountants.

  • Bankers are the cutting edge of a financial system based on risk and monopoly that has made certain people in the world very wealthy (check your bank account now to see if you are one of these people)
  • They brought the world to the brink of economic collapse in a climate of deregulation, partly because they were skimming so much off the top for themselves that they just couldn't bring themselves to stop
  • No one can excuse the risks they took or how much they pay themselves or their disregard for wider society
  • Nothing has changed in the way they work or the system they work within, but the government fully intends to do something about it any day now
  • Ooh look, a pigeon with a deformed beak!

And what not to think (results of mental programming errors):
  • I must not look at the pigeon with the deformed beak
  • I must not look at the pigeon with the deformed beak
  • Focus! Remember what we were talking about! 

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  1. are you sure management consultants are not failed accountants rather than glorified ones?