Thursday, 23 September 2010

What to think about...The House of Lords

Soon to be 'modernised' with glass and steel trim
This is my ever-popular educational series of posts called "What to think about..." They are presented in a bullet-pointed style, because management consultants tell us that no subject in the world is too complex to summarise in bullet points and those guys run the world so they must be right.

  • It is an ancient and venerable institution
  • Lords oversight partially makes up for the lower house being so pathetically weak and giving in to the government's every whim
  • Elections for the upper house would (a) be the perfect solution or (b) create another pissing contest in the national media
  • Whatever is wrong with it, it makes some very useful amendments to government legislation
  •  Some of the Lords, it is true, are politician's friends, but they are very knowledgeable and useful people (see above)
  • And proper old Lords are kind of cool, like maces and trebuchets
And now what not to think (thoughts that sneak up on those with unsanitary minds):
  • If elections are pissing contests in the national media and the lower house is weak and the upper house is corrupt, perhaps we should find a better way of organising the country 
  • Churchill said "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others" - but then, as someone who won the game referred to as 'democracy', he's not really a trustworthy source on the merits of the game is he? 
  • Fucking think about it for a moment before you pull out some dessicated turd of a quote like that on me (swearing always makes bullet points funnier - management consultants don't teach you that).

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